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Acden’s Donations and Sponsorship Information

Acden’s corporate sponsorships are an important part of bringing our brand to life, enabling us to connect with our clients and community in meaningful ways.

Our sponsorship focus is on establishing strategic partnerships that align with our corporate values and business priorities.

Please review the following for further information about our funding priorities and funding request process. If you have a sponsorship opportunity that aligns with Acden’s strategy please use our online application to submit your proposal.

Acden’s Focus:

Acden supports a range of community initiatives through in-kind giving and local partnerships.

Acden’s efforts are concentrated in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Precedence is given to initiatives supporting the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation. Acden supports initiatives that mesh with its ownership’s mission and vision. Typically, the types of organizations Acden supports are related to community development, education and environment.

Criteria specific to donations

Organizations requesting donations from Acden must:

  • Be located in Alberta, with preference to the RMWB
  • Be a registered charity or organization
  • Be a not for profit organization or an educational institution
  • Be associated with community development, education and/or environmental initiatives

Criteria specific to sponsorships

Events requesting sponsorship by Acden must:

  • Be located in Alberta, with preference to the RMWB
  • Reflect Acden’s positioning and values
  • Provide a direct benefit analysis (outline exposure, audience and tracking methods)
  • Be associated with community development, education and/or environmental initiatives

Limitations and Exclusions

Except in special circumstances as identified and approved by Acden, community investment does not include:

  • Individuals
  • Travel for individuals or groups
  • Third party fundraisers and/or professional solicitors
  • Religious organizations (except for those with non-faith based purposes)
  • Political events
  • Private schools
  • Individual memberships for retail, fitness or recreational services
  • Any organization that discriminates on the basis of race, religion, creed, gender, age, physical challenge, sexual preference or national origin

Donation and sponsorship process:

  1. All sponsorship and donation requests must be submitted to If another Acden employee receives a request, it must be submitted according to the process outlined above.
    Only donation and sponsorship requests made in writing and submitted following the above submission instructions will be considered. Generic faxes, generic e-mails, and individuals and organizations that contact Acden by phone or in-person will be invited to read this policy.
  2. Analysis and recommendation: the analysis is conducted by the Acden Marketing Team. If needed, they will contact the organization for further information to complete the request. Once this first analysis is completed, the request is treated in accordance with Acden’s decision-making process. The request must be reviewed and approved by Acden’s Executive. An acceptance or refusal email is then sent to the requesting organization. Acden classifies and documents every request received.
  3. Operation of a sponsorship: the operation is coordinated by the Acden Marketing Advisor. It translates into advertising, product and services promotion, public relations and media relations, or a combination of these actions. Donations are not always part of an operation program.
  4. Evaluation of benefits: every Acden sponsorship is subject to a review. The Acden Marketing Team will obtain the sponsored organization’s activities report and produce a review of the partnership.


Acden receives numerous donation and sponsorship requests each year. All requests must be submitted using Acden’s “Donation and Sponsorship Request Form“.

Acden will manage all requests in a timely manner, however, please allow up to 2 weeks for a response from the date received. If approved, please allow a minimum of 30 days to complete your request.

Acden reserves the right to limit or expand this scope at any time. Acden reserves the right to refuse any proposal regardless of criteria.



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