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Acden Tech Sonic is a leader in the innovative use of green technologies for the design and development of industrial ultrasonic cleaning solutions. Acden Tech Sonic operates in the heart of Alberta’s oil sands operating industrial ultrasonic cleaning facilities in both Fort McMurray and Edmonton that offer green solutions for the removal of heavy oils, bitumen, grease and other refinery-grade contaminants from large and small scale processing equipment.

We are committed to further developing green industrial cleaning technologies that will create safe and energy efficient alternatives for processing facilities and heavy manufacturing sites around the world.

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Originally founded as Canadian Aqua Jetters in 1998, we began as an industrial cleaning company specialising in cleaning scaffolding using a high pressure water solution. After realizing the elevated safety risks and environmental impacts of high pressure cleaning, we began experimenting with ultrasonic sound wave technologies in 2000. Suncor Energy and Syncrude Canada assisted us in this development phase, spurring the growth of Acden Tech Sonic by providing key process components for use during testing.

Following a successful testing period and after being validated by the Alberta Research Council, Acden Tech Sonic developed on-site solutions for both Suncor Energy and Syncrude Canada. We continue to manage these facilities today.

Acden Tech Sonic is committed to further developing green industrial cleaning technologies that will positively impact operational efficiencies at processing facilities and heavy manufacturing sites around the world. We have designed and installed the largest-scale ultrasonic solutions in the world and are proven unmatched in the removal of heavy oils, bitumen, grease and other refinery-grade contaminants that affect critical process components.

Our Divisions


Oil Sands

Fort McMurray: Acden Tech Sonic is based in Fort McMurray in the heart of the Alberta Oil Sands. We operate a permanent facility in the city that offers cleaning services for a variety of refinery-specific components – from scaffolding to pumps and valves, to heat exchangers – specifically geared to those customers unable to accommodate on-site cleaning.

Edmonton: We have recently acquired Compass Industrial Services Ltd., which has allowed us to expand to Edmonton and operate a second facility located in Sherwood Park.  With our 18 years of experience servicing the oil and gas industry coupled with the high pressure capabilities of Compass Industrial Services, our ultrasonic industrial cleaning services will be unmatched.

For those who are not in proximity to one of our permanent locations, we offer ad-hoc mobilizations to site for turnarounds or other outages – both planned and unplanned.

In addition to our permanent facilities in Fort McMurray and Edmoton, we also operate long-term on-site facilities with several customers – placing ultrasonic vessels of various sizes at their sites staffed by our professionals.

Power Systems and Emissions

Established in 2011, Power Systems and Emissions is our most recent enterprise. PS&E offers ultrasonic cleaning services for diesel particulate filters (DPF) and other power systems components to the commercial vehicle industry in the Edmonton, Alberta area. Dealing primarily with fleets and maintenance shops – this group is rapidly gaining a reputation for quality work combined with fast turnaround. Word of mouth has resulted in new customers coming on board every week providing us with steady growth and valuable endorsements.

Our Technology


How does it work?

Initially, industrial ultrasonic cleaning can sound quite complicated. Let’s break it down:

First: Energy creates bubbles. But they’re no ordinary bubbles.

Ultrasonic activity operates on similar principles to sound waves. As electrical energy is transferred to mechanical energy, it causes positive and negative pressure waves that generate microscopic bubbles that form on all surfaces throughout the component being cleaned. But these are no ordinary bubbles. A bubble in a liquid charged with ultrasonics will implode near a solid surface. This action is known as cavitation.

Second: The bubbles implode at a high speed separating contaminants.

When they implode, it formulates a high-speed jet of liquid that impacts the surfaces of the component at extremely high pressures and temperatures. This dynamic action separates the contaminants from all surfaces without any damage to the component.

Third: The equipment is cleaned in a safe, efficient and energy efficient solution!

This micro-jet impact combined with specialized ultrasonic solutions removes bitumen, heavy oils, greases, calcification and other refinery by products much faster and more thoroughly than conventional methods of power washing, steam, manual scrubbing and chemical dip tanks.

Custom solutions:

Our solutions are customized for YOUR equipment!

For us, it’s about using the best tool for the job. Sure you could hammer a nail into a piece of wood using a pair of pliers, but would you?

Our process reaches beyond conventional ultrasonic cleaning by adapting a specifically engineered set of solution variables to fit the ‘state’ of components being cleaned.

While it’s true that we could use a sub-set of our standard ultrasonic variables for everything, our continued research and development into more effective, green and time sensitive processes, have shown us that customized solutions really demonstrate their value—and our customers see it.

Our R&D into new and customizable cleaning solutions is enhanced by our experience database of restored component information. Clients can use this gathered data to establish new benchmarks for increasing the life-spans of process components. Our charted research also notes wider spans between service intervals—as Acden Tech Sonic cleaned components can remain in production for longer periods of time.

Our technology has already proven unmatched in an industry where heavy tar, bitumen, coke dust and grease constantly interfere with system components and equipment. Contaminated and previously unrecoverable components are returned in like-new condition. As an engineering-based group, we can develop specific solutions for any application or industry that requires contaminate-free process equipment.


Turnarounds in a refinery environment are specialised and critical. Speed, efficiency and safety are absolute requirements, and they are all exemplified by the Acden Tech Sonic process. Our ability to place our ultrasonic vessels on the ground within a customer’s facility, staff them and operate to the customer’s schedule makes us a valuable partner during a turnaround.

Whether through our own operations group, or our industrial services partners, Acden Tech Sonic has placed ultrasonic vessels on the ground and provided turnaround services to customers around the world.

General maintenance

We talk, perhaps too much, about how the Acden Tech Sonic process impacts Turnarounds – mostly because it is a high-visibility and high-impact situation. But let’s not overlook the importance of the Acden Tech Sonic process in day-to-day maintenance – this, too, is impactful.

Pipes, valves, flame arrestors… just about anything on your site can benefit from cleaning with the Acden Tech Sonic process. An on-going maintenance schedule that includes regular cleaning of your assets, where possible and feasible, extends the asset’s life and keeps your facility’s throughput up.

Economic Impact

As conventional cleaning methods may refer to their efficiencies, none will speak of true revenue recovery – we do!

At Acden Tech Sonic, our services can significantly minimize your downtime and costs for any large-scale emergency cleaning application, but it’s really our approach to scheduled or planned maintenance that best demonstrates true revenue recovery.

It’s not a complicated equation. Simply calculate the man hours involved to disassemble and reassemble components; manually intervene in the cleaning process; account for the safety of your team working with caustic chemicals and the costs for disposal of those environmental hazards.

With ultrasonic technology, these calculated costs from above are drastically reduced or eliminated altogether. How’s that for instant revenue recovery?

Operational Awareness



In an environment fraught with potentially dangerous equipment and hazardous situations, we are able to provide a safe and almost totally self-contained system for on-site component cleaning. We combine simple to operate, yet state-of-the-art, containment vessels with environmentally friendly water-based degreasers, to handle most of our customers’ industrial cleaning needs.

The personnel required for operation are minimal – in fact each of our ultrasonic vessels could be run by one operator, but for safety reasons we deploy two skilled operators. Standard PPE during operation of the vessel is a hard hat, steel-toed footwear, hearing protection and safety glasses or face shield in certain circumstances. Those, and basic operator awareness of their surroundings – nothing more.

Normal on-site waste handling processes are sufficient for most situations.


Water Savings/Conservation

One of the most impactful environmental issues facing energy-based industries is the vast consumption of water used in their processes. We use about 70% less water than conventional methods, helping to conserve costs and the environment.

Waste Containment

The proprietary chemicals developed for our varied processes are specially designed, water-based degreasers that are only slightly more aggressive in formulation than liquid dish soap. However, using our chemical formulations with other cleaning methods would produce little or no results.

It’s the ultrasonic activity itself that produces the power necessary to remove contaminants. The use of engineered degreasers simply allows the ultrasonics to work at optimal levels and enhance the final result. Best of all, as our water-based degreasers do not contain any harmful chemicals, they do not require specialized waste disposal.


We clean over 3 million pounds of scaffolding each year!


Better Earth Program

Acden Tech Sonic has a patented technology to effectively and efficiently clean process equipment that not only utilizes water based chemistries but also recycles 70% of the water used during the cleaning process. Acden Tech Sonic is a leader in the innovative use of green technologies for the design and development of industrial ultrasonic cleaning solutions.


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